On holiday with your pups

At the Hotel Excelsior in Cattolica, we love the animals and the wide open spaces of our hotel and our rooms are perfect for your companions four-legged of small and medium-sized.
You ask only for a small daily fee of 5 € for cleaning, thoroughly after your departure. If you stay however for more than 7 days, regardless of the duration of your holiday, you will pay only the final contribution of 35 €.

The property is a hotel in which to feel free, but it is also true that the freedom of each individual ends when begins the one of others. Then, out of respect for the other guests who may suffer from allergies, your pet may not be able to enter in the restaurant room and in the pool.

Catholic, city of puppies

Share the holiday with those you love is beautiful and we know how much love binds you to your puppy. We want that both of you are free to share with your holiday and the Catholic is the perfect city for it. In fact you will find many beaches are pet-friendly.

The admission of your 4-legged friends is at the discretion of the individual beaches, we do it for security we recommend that you always carry the health record of your puppy.
And for long and healthy walks with your four-legged friend, the wide streets of the historic centre, the many parks and the promenade are perfect to spend quality time!


Great location, beautiful property and friendly staff. Unique managers, a few years have passed since the holidays spent as a Catholic but the memories remain indelible in the heart. Surely we will return without children (now grown up).

Aldo R


I stayed 3 days at this property. Great location close to the beach and the pedestrian area. Available owners and friendly staff. Breakfast served on the terrace facing the sea. Good kitchen. To return.

Tarcisio N
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