Waking up with the taste in holiday
Make your Choice!

We forgot the alarm clock, forgot that trill annoying and acute, which brings you back to everyday life. Forget about racing to the buffet for sfamarti before the end of everything. And do not even try to imagine the stress of awakening that re-live all morning at work.

Freedom of choice is what we feel every morning when you go on the terrace for your breakfast, the meal most beautiful of the day. Not the most important as the doctors say, but just the most beautiful! Indeed, there is no better way to give life to a new exciting day! Enough with the alarms bets for running fast on the beach, then return shortly after lunch in the hotel, and then return to the beach in an endless loop.

Our breakfast is available until 12:00. No, it is not a typo, you have understood well, breakfast until noon! You'll have plenty of time to organise in order not to miss the most charming and relaxing of the day: the sunset.

On holiday without restrictions, timetables and predetermined spaces

The Hotel Excelsior in Cattolica wants as soon as you cross the lobby you may feel strongly the feeling of being on vacation, to finally be able to let go from a hectic life and always on the run. We want you to feel free from any time constraint and space.

You'll have the entire morning to get up quietly and savour without hurry your breakfast/brunch.

When you have decided that your meal is finished, the only one to decide what to do you will still, always and only you. The large spaces of the hotel will be in every time at your disposal, even if I wanted to buy you a pizza or a piadina, and mangiartela quietly on the camp bed in the pool!

Breakfast not traditional: our brunch

At breakfast, we want to see you guided by your instinct, by the colors and smells of our proposals.
You can choose from tarts, cakes, biscuits, doughnuts, croissants, muffins, yogurt and fruit. But you'll also find croissants savory focaccia, scrambled eggs, bacon, selection of cold meats and cheeses and much more. But you can also choose and have a taste of all or at least, starting with the idea of making a breakfast healthy and it becomes exaggerated.

Take it easy and make your choice, this is the important thing!


Great location, beautiful property and friendly staff. Unique managers, a few years have passed since the holidays spent as a Catholic but the memories remain indelible in the heart. Surely we will return without children (now grown up).

Aldo R


I stayed 3 days at this property. Great location close to the beach and the pedestrian area. Available owners and friendly staff. Breakfast served on the terrace facing the sea. Good kitchen. To return.

Tarcisio N
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